Saturday, September 20, 2008

Videos! (Paris and Füssen)

Un poco de todo

These are the photos from my camera - as you can see, I didn't take as many, and the quality and composition aren't as good, but there are some nice ones!

My camera had a dead battery a lot, and we were both seeing/photographing the same things, so we decided that I would keep the journal and Lance would take the pictures. We joked that he was charging by the hour for the photos.

Funny, until I got a bill in the mail last week.

haha, just kidding!

We got stopped in the road to let these Icelandic Ponies pass!

From Iceland, we went to Paris

After Paris we went to Hamburg, then on to Füssen, in Bavaria, in the Alps where these photos were taken.

After Füssen, we went to Romania, Bulgaria, and Athens before getting on the ferry to Greece. These islands are just off the coast of Greece.

We travelled through Italy, then went to Barcelona. This is La Sagrada Famalia, a churched designed by Gaudi, in Barcelona.
After Barcelona, we went to Tarragona, then left Spain for Ireland to visit Jesse and Leanne!!!! Then we took the ferry to Holyhead, Wales, and took the train into England. This is Lance and Doreen, my cousin, in Hull, England! I went there to visit my grandmother's last remaining sister and all of her (and my) family!

There are lots of brick houses in England.

Officially the smallest window!!! See the dark line between the two white bricks? This is the little window that used to be used for watching out for carriages to give them immediate pub and inn services! We met a New Zealand guy about our age here being shown this by a man who looked like his grandfather! Looks like he came to Hull for the same reasons that we did.
Hull was very beautiful. Everyone who was from the South of England that we met and told them we were going to Hull said "...oh... that's not all of England you will see, is it?" But it turned out to be a gorgeous and friendly city and I would suggest that anyone should go and see it, even if you don't have an extended family to meet!!!

From Hull we went to London. And, well, how could I not take a photo of this? Too bad that we arrived on September 2nd, and not the 1st. Otherwise there would have been wizards about for sure!